Thursday, October 24, 2013

Things heard....

David has been working a lot of weekends. A LOT of weekends. In one way it is nice. I am sure I am not the only parent who experiences the household running smoother when the only dissenting voices don't have an actual vote. On the flip side having another vote means that you are not losing your mind when you get a tad irritated when asked for the 100th time for a cookie before 9 am.

At one point I realized I was the one person in the house being unreasonable. But the girls should hold some responsibility. As I was slowly losing my mind this weekend it occurred to me that while I am probably not alone in wondering if it I ran away would they find me?

Here are just some of the phrases that popped out of my mouth this weekend:

No you cannot have a cookie (7:30 am)

Quit licking me

Yes Allie, you do a terrific jump rope in the living room. WATCH OUT FOR THE TV

You already had three donuts (8 am)

Boo, you cannot feed Bailey stickers. Or blocks or what the hell did you just stick in his mouth?

Is it wine o'clock yet?

Fine have a cookie (8:45am)



  1. My kid feeds my basset hound post it notes - and elvis loves 'em! They are among his favourite snacks.

    Cost of 1 package of mini post-it notes: 39 cents
    Extra minutes of sleep as a result of allowing my 4 yo to feed the basset hound a package of post it notes: 19
    True value of extra sleep: priceless!! A bargain at half the price!!

    (The vet said there was no harm in it -- just extra fibre)

  2. Oh my, that sounds like an exhausting day! xo

  3. Oh, those weekends when the kids were young and my husband had to work about did me in. They just seemed longer. Good for you, having a good attitude about it normally.
    I laughed at the licking one. My 4yo has been in a licking phase lately, and it's getting on my last nerve.

  4. lol Thanks for the chuckle! I needed that!

  5. Well, 8:45 is almost lunchtime, so I think a cookie was totally fine. I think kids know when you are beat - they smell the weakness and go in for the kill.

  6. This makes me glad I live alone and I only have to tell myself not to have cookies before 8.

  7. Haha, yes, we've certainly had those mornings around here too!


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