Monday, October 21, 2013

I ove you

There are so many ways to say I love you. This week's Listicle is to name 10 ways to say the most important words a person wants to hear.

10. I ove you. This is Boo's approximation. Allie and David have been working on her saying it. Me? Not so much. Call me stubborn but I don't want it to be rote. I want her to FEEL the love and say it to me. But my heart still overflows when she says it back to me.

9. Wine. Nothing says I love you then when David brings home a bottle of Pinot Grigio after I have had a hard day/week/year. Yeah, I know it says a lot about me. Probably not good but it means he gets me especially if it is followed by...

8. Chinese food. Dinner combination plate #1 without beef teriyaki and extra chicken fingers so I will have lunch the next day.

7. Some one, anyone other than me, cleaning the bathroom.

6. Hosting anything. Girls night in (By the way Becky & Jenn it is time for another one), Christmas, family celebrations, just because we want to do something this weekend. Being able to host means that friends and family get it. That it is easier for me to stay home and not disrupt Boo but still connect with everyone.

5. Having my nephews and pseudo niece (what else do you call one of their girlfriends that became family?) visit us for the weekend. Having the three of them be there for the girls, for me means the world to me. 

4. The "boys" texting me during a Bruins game.

3. Allie saying that she loves me the most. Petty, yes. Heartwarming of course.

2. Bailey laying at my feet after Boo goes to bed and letting Boo lay on him before she does.

1. David telling me that I am perfect for him even when I feel so imperfect it is ridiculous.

I know, you expected me to be flippant. But love never should be.


  1. Love this! Hosting makes me happy too. And wine. And chinese :)

  2. Beautiful list and just had over my in-laws last night. Had a great time, but cleaning the bathroom before it not so much!

  3. I love your list! (And it just reminded me of the freaking amazing Chinese food restaurant that you guys have...I'm not sure what it's called but I had some a few years ago and I still dream about the Chinese food in your town! ;-))

    And that picture of Boo and Bailey melts my heart! xoxo

  4. Chinese food and a clean bathroom - if that's not love, I don't know what it. Seriously.

  5. Your list is so sweet and touching. There is something so amazingly cool about your husband knowing exactly what to order at your fave restaurants, isn't there?!

  6. Great list! I hear you on the wine and Chinese food! Sometimes I'll text Joe with "What a day, any chance you can stop by Shopette on the way home?" His reply? "Wine or Baileys?" LOL


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