Thursday, October 3, 2013

I collect you...NOT

Are you a collector? I mean, serious, as in will ravage any antique/yard/estate/shop sale to obtain some knick-knack? Allie has collections. She has collections of Barbies, Horses (thanks Auntie K), sea glass and Nutcrackers (thanks, mom).

And now there is that freaking rainbow loom. Guess how many bracelet collections she has?

David doesn't really have collections. He is more of a pack rat. The man has a t-shirt from 1996 (He is wearing it now) and even one from 1983 (REO Speedwagon)--worn last weekend.

Boo has recently started a sticker collection. She doesn't take the stickers off the backing, but she walks around with them. I blame her Speech therapist.

Me? I don't collect so much. Don't get me wrong, I have knick-knacks galore. But I didn't buy any of them.  I like them, they are unique. Like the baking elves, Williamsburg signs, Cape Cod signs, Carolers (now only out at Christmas) and other what-nots.

I cannot believe I just said what-not.

The collection, though, I am most proud of is my friends. I have kind of an eclectic group. One I am meeting this weekend (woo hoo) for the first time in real life and others I have met via the blog. But also those close to home. The ones that I can just drop by and have a margarita with or a fine glass of wine.

No I do not collect wine. It really doesn't stay around long enough to collect.

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  1. My husband is a collector of baseball cards, coke and pepsi bottles, large signs to hang in the garage, Tiger Baseball memorabilia...the junk never ends.
    I should collect wine...then I'd forget that our living room turned into a man cave.

  2. OOOOOOOOooooh who're you meeting? Anyone good?

    I no longer collect stuff, except books and shoes.

  3. Love that you collect friends! I collect koozies and postcards (both from my trips and friends' trips). And Joe and I started getting ornaments from all our trips.

  4. Thrilled you are catching up with new friends. I don't collect anything, andrew collects crap, cooper collects nerf guns and duplo, pepper collects barbies and woody collects everything from everyone else's room!

  5. Friends are the best collectible - love this, Kerri! I'm pretty proud of my friend collection too.


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