Sunday, October 6, 2013

I'm thankful Kate didn't run away

Ten Things of Thankful

For about six months now I have been stalking Kate from Another Clean Slate. If you don't read her regularly, you should. It is so cool to see how I should have lived out my late 20's early 30's. You know, if I could have handled living in a city. And been a young, beautiful urban professional.

As many of you know, I've been signing up for 5k's. So this week I am thankful that:
1. Kate answered my e-mail eons ago and rose to the challenge of doing a 5K with me.

2. That Kate finished her first 5k of this year. The bad part is she doesn't think she did well. The awesome part is I know better. The race wasn't that busy and she not only finished but finished looking as good as she had when she started.
Me, not so much.

3. That meeting a blog-friend in person is super scary, but turned out to be so comfortable. We seemed to pick up the conversation just as if we were e-mailing one another or reading her blog.

4. That David didn't freak when I told him we were meeting another couple for the first time that I had never met in person. (He is kinda paranoid about the land of Blog)

5. That when Kate saw David & I for the first time dressed for the Mullet High-5 she didn't tell Joe to lock the car doors and immediately drive away.

6. That David & I finished this race with our best time ever. 27 minutes. It really helped that the course was just about flat, the sun was hidden and the rain had stopped. Oh I am really thankful that the rain stopped an hour before race time.

7. David let me cross the finish line first this time. Even though he totally held back to run with me.

8. That my friend A landed 2nd place in our age-bracket. I was super proud of her. I finished 82 out of 180 runners. Definitely Kate and I were not last which is always my second goal next to just finishing.

9. The race ended with free beer (which I don't drink David got two!). When I had my first sip of wine and Kate her first sip of beer she noticed it was only 10am. Neither of us judged so I feel thankful for that.


And last but not least, I am glad to say that sometimes things just work out. At our race this weekend Kate and Joe had to endure meeting a bunch of people they don't know and everyone was just so happy to see one another. David & Joe got along great and they were not 'strangers' at all. I am not so sure I would've been that brave.

So, thanks to Kate for making my week!

For anyone who wonders why I was dressed so stylish...this is what the true Mullet Marathoners look like:

Oh and Kate, the next time we get together I a) promise not to make you run and b) will be dressed more appropriately!

One last thing, congrats to all my friends who participated in Buddy Walks around the Country today!


  1. Had a lot of fun with you guys!! I suppose peer pressure isn't always a bad thing. Definitely should rock the tube socks next time we meet :)

  2. My husband just had to meet a new couple too--and everything went well. Your piece inspires me. I'm not a runner (although I am a walker and can walk many, many miles in a day--like 15 when I have to), but even the thought of running makes me cringe. It is awesome that you are doing this as a couple. Congrats on your place: 82 out of 180. I think that sounds awesome!

  3. Love that you guys got to meet this way and really looks like you all had a great time. And I told Kate she did awesome just for trying and think I am just so proud of you all now for sure :)

  4. very hearing how the virtual world becomes real world and nothing is lost in 'translation'... sounds everyone had a great time (of course, I will take your word and the photos as evidence.. but *running* that far?!! aiyee! you have my admiration lol)

  5. 82 oo180! you guys did great! And I love the tube socks!

  6. How utterly cool that you got to meet Kate in real life! (Even if it was to run....) Congratulations on a successful run and friendship in the making.
    The tube socks rock!

  7. That sounds so fun! And awesome job! :)

  8. I'm jealous. When you texted me that photo earlier, I had no idea that it was Kate! Congrats on the excellent run!

  9. You seriously rock some tube socks! It sounds like great day - and awesome job on the 82 out of 180, I would have been pleased to be 179.

  10. The photos are HILARIOUS - you're really entering into the spirit of the fun run. Congrats on the awesome time, and for doing it, and WOW you're so lucky to get to meet Kate.

    I am very envious of both of you - what a super thing to have done :D

  11. I am completetly jealous that you got to meet in person! *sigh* Looks like you had an amazing time.

    And I LOVE how you dressed up for the 5K!! Gorgeous!! xoxo

  12. What a great way to spend a morning! Very brave of the two of you to meet for the first time at a mullet run, especially with your spouses. My husband would have to be drug by an ear to do such a thing. 27 minutes is a great time! Congrats on your PR!

  13. So glad the two of you met up! I was quite entertained by all your photos on FB this weekend - you rock the tube socks Kerri!

  14. Congrats on your time, and how fun to meet a fellow blogging friend!

  15. You're a trip, Kerri! Mullet Marathon? Some people will do anything for a drink of beer or wine, I swear! lol Sounds like you folks had a really good time. I'm tired just thinking about running 5k. Perhaps, driving 5k is more my style these days. Great post!


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