Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Survivor, the Sibling Version

I am a fan of Survivor. Not a Cochran-type fan, but I love that show. Honestly the first season is still my be-all-end-all favorite. Before people thought they "knew" how to play the game.

Looking through the view of a mom's eye, Survivor could be the ultimate sibling game. Especially if you rip off the theme: Fans vs. Favorites and switch it to Older vs. Younger Sibling. 

Can these siblings outwit, outlast, outplay to win Sibling Survivor?

A food challenge? Will older sibling get mom's attention before or after younger sibling.

An immunity challenge? Will older sibling sneak past younger sibling to play with dad.

A food challenge? Which child can force down the dinner that their mom is forcing them to eat.

An immunity challenge? Older sibling attempts to put a puzzle together faster than the younger sibling can take it apart.

A food challenge? Which sibling can get more food on the floor/themselves/not in their mouth!

An immunity challenge? Will older sibling stay awake longer than younger?

A food challenge? Which sibling will be the first to find mom hiding in the laundry room with the brownies.

An immunity challenge? Which sibling will create the best Mother's Day card.

The winner to be determined by a single vote. Spoiler alert: The who puts mom up in the better nursing home will probably win.


  1. I personally have not seen an episode of Survivor. I know! What rock do you live under!? I always forget abouy that channel unless Amazing Race is on. Idk which sibling would win but the better nursing home would definitely determine the winner lol.

  2. Ha! In our game, older sibling thinks younger sibling has the game rigged, but in reality older sibling wins most of the challenges. In the end I'm going with your strategy for determining the winner!

  3. In our house siblings 1&2 spend so much time rowing they miss sibling 3 sneak ahead and win!

    1. Now that is something I did not think of, too funny

  4. I love this post! We always joke about that with my mom. I always say I'll find a really nice nursing home for her, my sister says "Don't worry mom, you can live with me." Guess who wins?

  5. Ha! Nice take on that- I think I'd rather watch your version than the regular one. No wait...I live it.

  6. Bwahahaha! This is exactly what I needed to read today! And I'd watch that! No, wait, I DO watch that . . .


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