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Thanks for stopping by. Here's the thing, this blog is written entirely by me unless I tell you otherwise. So do me a favor and don't steal.

The photos are taken by myself, friends and family. I cannot figure out how to copywrite/protect them. So again, please don't steal. That's just mean.

I love comments. I love learning from everyone about what works, what doesn't and am thankful for the support they provide. But I do not appreciate mean-spirited, hateful or SPAM. I reserve the right to delete anything I think is not fair, untrue or again just mean.

The Links page includes my non-blogger friends. I am not crafty, photogenic, etc...but I have friends that are. If there is a link you would like me to post, please let me know.

Looking for a guest post? I am available and am always looking for ways to collaborate with those who have a similar message.

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As my Boo says: Happy Day!