Friday, May 31, 2013

My favorite movie of all time...

I have many favorite movies of all time, it just depends on the time period you are referencing.

For example in the 1970's my favorite movie of all time was Star Wars. I wanted to be Princess Leia so badly. A girl who could not only rock donut hair but save herself from the Evil Empire.

In the 1980's my favorite movie all time was The Breakfast Club. Tia and I memorized every word. We even formed a 'breakfast club' of our own. Thought we were so cool. Oh and let me tell you I had the BIGGEST crush on Judd Nelson. I was always falling for those rebels.

In the 1990's, well they were lean movie years. Looking back I would have to settle for Toy Story. It is simple really, who couldn't love this tail of friendship? The fact that the movie is timeless is a bonus. Who doesn't want to have a friend sing to them, "You've got a friend in me"?

In the 2000's it would have to be the Perfect Storm. Hello Clooney with a side of Wahlberg!

The 2010's would have to be the Avenger's. Who knew Ducky would go from this in Pretty in Pink...

To this hunk of, well, hunk...

However if I had to pick one movie, the ONE movie of all time that is my favorite. The one movie I will watch every time is on, the movie that this family can most probably quote line for line...

You guessed it, The Princess Bride. It is literally my favorite movie of all time.

 Now if you are a faithful reader you saw the ending coming....

This post was brought to you from the lovely ladies at Finish that Sentence Friday. What is your favorite movie of all time?

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Now it's your turn, what is you favorite movie of all time?



  1. Totally did see that coming and guess I do read you daily, but love you and wouldn't have it any other way. Thanks so very much for linking up with us and all I kept thinking with Princess Leia's hair was that episode of Firends with Rachel dressed up at the end. Sorry, couldn't help myself and love that movie, but that was where my brain went to :)

  2. PRincess bride...hmmm.

    Dunno which planet i live...gotta check it out!

    Happy Friday, Kerri.

    1. You do not know what you are missing Ruchira. Tia hasn't seen it either. I am giving it to her for the next holiday. I don't care what holiday it is.

  3. I think Princess Bride is in my top five, for sure. Fantastic movie...and the Breakfast Club, too! Great choices, mama, you have excellent taste in movies! :D

  4. Holy crap, I didn't know that Ducky was The Avenger!! WOW. Yes to Princess Bride and I can't believe (!) that I forgot about Breakfast Club! GAH! Great list!

    1. I know, right? Just proves once again date the GEEK in high school not the stoner

    2. hold up, hold up, hold up. Wasn't Ducky played by Jon Cryer? Robert Downey, Jr. plays the Avenger, right?

      And I quoted that guy from The Princess Bride in one of my tweets today in reference to my Pilates instructor when I thought she said, "Prepare to die." I still love Toy Story. I loved Toy Story 3 even more. I cry every time I watch that stinking movie.

      Great list!

  5. "...never get involved in a land war in Asia"

    Great movie (Carol Kane and Billy Crystal...perfect!)

  6. Yikes! All these awesome movies I keep forgetting - The Perfect Storm was awesome (setting aside some of the terrible Boston accents). I think you might be confused though - Jon Cryer was Ducky, but as far as I can tell, he wasn't in The Avengers. He plays Charlie Sheen's brother on Two and a Half Men. The pic you have up is of Robert Downey, Jr. as Iron Man. :) [#FTSF]

    1. Holy crap, you are right. That makes my new crush on Robert Downey much easier to take.

  7. Agree on every one except Perfect Storm. Just don't think I could ever watch it a second time. Too gut wrenching.
    And I'm glad Chris pointed out the Jon Cryer/Robert Downey, Jr. mixup. It makes me giggle to think of Ducky as Iron Man. ;)

  8. I really love the Star Wars series, too (but only the old movies)! Leia was the coolest Doughnut hair wearer princess EVER!

    I was just going to correct you on Jon Cryer but I see that Chris and Kate already did! ;-)

    Will have to find out what the Princess Bride is in German. I am not sure I know it but I am not sure because they change movie titles very often when they are synchronised.

  9. That guy with the glasses is Robert Downy Jr.? I'm going to have to watch that movie! My daughter is in love with him. Hope it's on Netflix!


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