A little about Big Sister, Boo & Crazy Pup

Boo was our surprise baby. After her sister I was one and done. Not because she is a horrible child. Just the opposite, in fact. She was and still is one of the easiest children to be around. She slept thru the night, was never sick and although she has tons of attitude (she is NOT perfect), Allie is one of those kids that easily fits into any situation.

We had a lot of adventures. And with my husband's schedule there have been a lot of 'girl-only' days!  Five years later, she wished for a little sister and WHOOPS along came Boo. (My husband and I used to joke that if we had a son she would have needed therapy!
Allie & Boo's first day together

They have always had a sweet connection. It was love and devotion at first sight. We have been so lucky that there has never been jealousy or acting out that you hear horror stories. In some weird ways, Boo's issues have worked in their relationship's favor. Boo has never gotten into her things and or interrupted her with her friends.

 She even has her own take on Boo: Her brain just works differently.

Allie was Boo's first "word", her version of Abby. She is the first person Boo looks for in the morning. Before Boo ever said Mama or Daddy.

A few years ago Abby convinced us that we needed a puppy. She is a strong negotiator and we adopted the crazy puppy. I don't know quite what I was thinking. We didn't have enough on our plate, but crazy pup has been a wonderful addition to the family.

Abby is the kid you could leave on the corner and she would make friends with any passerby. She travels in a moment, loves to draw and read. She hates math and would like school more if it was just recess and gym.

Abby has her dad's sense of humor and comedic timing. She has my imagination and love of reading. She can make any object into a house for a fairy and has frequently been known to try to eat ice cream for dinner.
Bailey, the crazy puppy is now a toddler. He is still crazy and somewhat trained. I let him get away with almost anything as long as he continues to be Boo's best friend and comforter.

So the adventure continues...thanks for stopping by to learn a little more about our girls!


  1. I adore the sibling connection that is so obvious between your two xx my pepper cried all night when we found out Woody was a boy! She then got over it and adores him often way too much! ;) lovely to see some more pics of your two x


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