Friday, May 17, 2013


It is 5-minute Friday...ready for a Song?

Song is that sound in time that takes you back...

Hearing Jimmy Buffett and bringing back to when your now husband convinced you to go on a date by promising to take you to a Buffett concert.

Hearing The Who and and bringing you back to the moment when Boo started dancing in the Jeep and saying "song, song" wanting the Who over and over again.

Hearing "Baby I need your loving" and being transported back to your wedding day.

Hearing "Just a Dream" by Carrie Underwood and remembering how you cried the first time and only time you left Boo in the NICU to go sleep.

Hearing Selena Gomez and remembering the first time Allie realize that the characters in a TV show are also people.

Hearing "Celebration" by Cool and the Gang and remembering being in Spain with Tia when you taught the tour guide the song.

Hearing the theme song to Austin and Allie and seeing in your mind the first time Boo danced.

Song....this has been 5-minutes. What song brings you back to a memory?

Five Minute Friday
This is Boo, last summer, dancing in the Jeep to "The Who" 
(FYI she has no shoes on because she tends to throw them OUT of the jeep along the highway!)


  1. What a precious little one. My daughter also threw shoes out the window of the car. Memories are too many to claim....but my favorite this: Chattanooga Choo Choo was my daughters favorite rocking chair song. One day when she was two....we stopped at a little store in the small town we lived. A train had stopped and the engineer and others got off, ran in to get something cold to drink and lunch. Kat slid over to the window and said this to the engineer, "Paw don me that the Chat ta nooga Choo Choo." The men loved it. Stopping by from Five Minute Friday.

  2. Kerri,
    Great post and I love love love that Boo wanted SONG! SONG! Also, I am SO freaking jealous right now. What kind of jeep do you have? I drove a 1984 CJ-7 Renegade for 11 years because I loved it so so so much. So much. Then I had the engine rebuilt and it caught on fire. I told hubs that I was getting one of the big-girl jeeps for my next car (the 4-door kind rather than my cloth-door kind I miss).
    Oh. Sorry. Um. Songs that take me back. Losing my virginity to White Wedding. Fun "We are Young" with Tucker in the car. I want you to want me that hubs played on our 2nd date - I think he thought it would help win me over. Maybe it did.

  3. I want to listen to some golden oldies...way to go. Awesome post.

  4. Kerri - beautiful litle girl that Boo! Sounds like she fills you up with quite a big joyful song! Blessings to you!
    Kelly (stopping by from FMF)

  5. Oh, the memories just keep coming! Songs that mark the special times in my life! Thank you for the nudge . . .

  6. That looks like so much fun! What a great picture. I really loved the mix of emotions that you shared, Kerri. Really, that's what songs are all about. You really captured that in your post.


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