Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Being safe

Do you have a safe person? I wasn't familiar with the term, until I read "Shut Up About Your Perfect Kid" by Gina Gallagher and Patricia Konjoian. According to the authors, a safe person is the one who:

"Allows you to be confused and crazy"

"Listens to you, hears you, and encourages you to keep talking"

"Is clear, direct, and honest with you"

"Listens to you for as long as it takes"

I am so lucky that I do have a safe person. Tia. Tia and I have been friends since we were 12 years old. We have survived junior high, high school, her going to college at 18 and me going to college at 30. We have been together thru boyfriends and husbands. We have listened to one another, fought with one another and loved one another thru our lives ups and downs. Heck, we survived turning 40 together!

Surviving 40
Although we have not lived near one another since juniors in high school, she has been my best friend, my therapist and my rock.

 Everyone needs a safe person. A mom with a special needs child needs one more than ever. As much as I love and admire my husband, he cannot be Tia. Tia has listened to me brag about Allie. That first child where you proclaim their greatness. I have listened (I hope) to her rightfully brag about her wonderful son. 

Surviving toddlers
When Boo was born, Tia was the one person I could count on to listen and not always advise. She let me find my own voice and encouraged me to be Boo's advocate. When I wanted to walk in the NSTAR Walk for Children's Hospital in thanks for the care Boo received, Tia was the first one to join my team. She has made it every year since.

Surviving Boo

What I love most about Tia is that not only was she the first one accept Boo for who she is, Tia always seems to say or ask the right things. When I was freaking about Boo's surgery, Tia reined me in. She also knows when to pour the wine and when to just hand over the bottle.

The best thing? Your safe person will also lean on you.  Tia doesn't hold back because she thinks I am under too much stress. She knows that I need to be more than Boo's advocate. I have to be me.

Because of distance, we only see one another a couple of times a year. Unfairly, she has to travel to see me more than I can travel to see her. Being a safe person doesn't mean you have to live close geographically. You just have to be close at heart. And have access to text and e-mail.

My wish for you, reading this blog, is that you have a safe person. If you do not have one, I wish for you to find one. That, at it's core, is what I believe the 31 for 21 is about. Knowing that you have a community of support. One that listens, never judges, provides worthwhile advice that you can take or leave. Your child doesn't have to have Down Syndrome. You just have to be there for another parent.

My wish for you is to find a Tia and hold on tight.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Boo rocking out the hurricaine

When you have a child and there is a big storm you get inventive on how to pass the time!

Monday, October 29, 2012

Monday Confessions V5

How I prepared for Hurricaine Sandy:

1. Charged Allie's IPOD and DVD player in the event we lose power
2. Stocked up on the kid essentials: M&M's, Pirate Booty and Pretzel Goldfish
3. Stocked up on the Mom essentials: Pinot Grigio and Diet Coke

Stay safe everyone!

Sunday, October 28, 2012

A quiet Sunday before the Storm

Boo is content to cuddle (yes, we skipped Church)

Crazy puppy has his provisions

Yes, the bone is as long as he is tall

Allie has a craft-slash-bake project for me, we skipped CCD too (pray for me NOW)

Husband is at work, I figure he will be home sometime on Wednesday.

And I have bread, milk and wine.

It should be fine, right? And did I mention we have the cake that Allie won at the Boofest Cake Walk?

What can go wrong if we have cake & wine?

And pinot grigio? Happy Sandy everyone. I hope you and yours are safe!

Saturday, October 27, 2012

It's the thought that counts, right?

Of all the gifts my husband has given me: his love, our children and our home. He could've kept the poison ivy. I am still unsure after being ivy-free for over 40 years all of a sudden I am allergic. 

But my Saturday has consisted of first coming to terms with the fact that I am not immune and then finding:

Let's hope it works!


Friday, October 26, 2012

I'm dumbfounded

Yep, dumbfounded. In our 24hour news cycle, everyone has forgotten about Ann. And I do not want to give her more press. But I sent my Dear Ann letter to Fox News (local and national) and our local papers/news outlets. Yet none, to my knowledge have responded. 

Friends on Facebook have been patient and supportive with my rantings. And I admit to ranting. 

But why isn't this news? Where the heck is Sarah Palin? 

Are you as crazed as I am? 

Maybe it is because Boo is undiagnosed and therefore I do not have an answer for my ranting other than she falls into the category as "special needs". But knowing that in a previous age my daughter would have been called the "R" word, I continue to be incensed. 

I know that forgiveness and understanding falls under the Golden Rule. But if the person that offends never acknowledges that they did wrong, do we still forgive?

Not so easy for me.

It's scary what you can sign up for..

About four months ago one of Boo's aides asked me to sit in on a PTA meeting. Within the first 15 minutes I was voted in as the co-Secretary of the PTA for 2012-2013. And while I definetly got hoodwinked (2 hours a month, yeah right!), I am glad I stuck it out.

I have made friends with an amazing group of parents. For the first time I am involved with what Allie is doing at school. Due to work and Boo commitments, I can only volunteer for the evening events. To Allie's delight this has meant for the first time she has been able to enjoy Movie Night and Family Night at the Book Fair. And now she is over the moon for Boofest. 

Boofest is a Halloween celebration at her school, with carnival games and wait for it...a cake walk. So last night after work I made three dozen whoopee pies (okay almost 3 dozen, I had to test for quality) and a cake for the infamous cake walk. I am not crafy, in any way shape or form. But I do not think I will be embarrassing Allie tonight.

My humble attempt at a theme cake
So tonight Boo is going to her grandmothers. My husband and I are both attending Boofest. We will be combining volunteering and having our ear drums punished with watching Allie have the time of her life. Allie has already told me she is signing me up for the PTA for the REST OF HER LIFE.

I also see a glass of pinot grigio in my future. Maybe a vat. Do they still make vats? 

Happy Friday everyone!

Thursday, October 25, 2012

The "R" Word Wake-up

Last night I had dinner out (yeah me, no kids!) with a very good friend of mine. We talked about how incensed I was over Ann Coulter's remarks. It was obvious from the amount of Facebook posts I had done over the past 24 hours that I was more than a little irritated.

My friend was appalled, even though she tends to be a Coulter fan. She told me she never would have thought anything of the remark, had she not known and loved Boo. I explained how distressing it was that some day I would have to talk with my older daughter to explain that her sister is not retarded and what the difference betweent that horrid word and intellectual disability actually mean. My friend completely agreed that Ann Coulter was completely out of line and out of control with her repeated insults.

I expressed my fear that one day her sister would look at Boo and not see beautiful. My friend listened and agreed. As we were leaving she said something inconsequential and we laughed. Then she said, I cannot believe I could be so retarded.

My heart dropped.

Her expression got a deer in the headlights look. Her mouth dropped open and she said:

I never realized how often I might use that word and not even realize it.

Words have power.

On the Love That Max page yesterday some one commented that all the outraged parents were crybabies. I replied, no we are advocates. Until you know a child like Boo, until you are confronted with the fears, tears, joy and laughter you have no idea how powerful the word can be.

So I encourage all of us to have an open dialogue with our friends and family. Those, who unlike Ann Coulter, matter to us. They might not know they are breaking your heart.

Until you tell them.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Dear Ann

Dear Ann,

May I call you Ann? I feel we can be informal since you feel so comfortable insulting my child. I mean, really, only family should be able to make us think that we are not good enough. On the other hand....

Hat's off to stay at home moms

It's Tuesday and I am still recovering from the weekend. It seems that the weekends are more draining than the hustle of Mon-Fri. I think it is because on Monday mornings I can look at the calendar for the comming week and see what to expect.

The weekends are a different story. Sure, Boo has yoga and Allie has a couple of activities. But by the time you have the house cleaned, laundry done and keeping two girls entertained....enough is enough!

I cannot tell you how many laps Boo and I did around the fire pit this weekend (thankfully the shoes stayed on). Between playing with Allie, carting the girls to their different activities and simply just being a mom....I looked forward to going to work on Monday.

So, to the stay at home mom's out there. You have my admiration. I really do not know how you can stay sane!

I lift my wine glass to all of you!

Monday, October 22, 2012

Monday Confessions V4

Five 80's favorite movie quotes
That sometimes apply to my life

The Breakfast Club--"I'm being honest, asshole. I would expect you to know the difference"


Dirty Dancing--"I carried a watermelon"


The Princess Bride--"I'm not a witch, I'm your wife"


Steel Magnolias--"This is it, I've found it. I'm in hell"

Mr. Mom--"Kenny don't paint your sister!"


Sunday, October 21, 2012

Night of Too Many Stars

 Jon Stewart, tonight, is hosting The Night of Too Many Stars. He is hosting this fundraiser to raise money and awareness to benefit programs in support of those with autism that need quality services. In 2010,  "Night of Too Many Stars," gave more than $3.1 million in grants to 41 programs in 13 states. 

I do not anything about this fundraiser, truth be told. And feel funny promoting it, knowing nothing. However, ANYTHING that brings awareness to autism should be a good thing.

So I will be watching and hope you do to!


Because all of us with special needs children should support other parents with a different path!

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Unexpected company

This morning while waiting for Allie at her Pony Club, Boo and I hit the bike trail for a long walk (we had a 2 hour wait). We hear an unexpected "HI" from a therapist Boo used to work with for OT. 

Rather than spending the two hours alone on the trial, Boo and I had unexpected company. Which turned into a lunch out with her and her fiancee after Allie was done.

What a great, unexpected way to spend a Saturday morning.

Friday, October 19, 2012

Pity party over....

The pity party is over. Because it is Friday. And we are hosting our first autumn girls night in!

What is Girls Night In? Allie and I devised it last year. Husband/Daddy works a lot. Because it is so hard for me to go out and reconnect for some girl time, and because most of my friends have children and childcare issues, instead of going out they come to our house.

The rules? Simple:
  • Bring whatever you want to drink
  • Bring an appetizer or dessert to share
  • PJ's are optional
  • Boys are NOT allowed (thankfully Allie is still in the Girls Rule/Boys Drool stage)

Last year we had so much fun, it became a monthly event. We realized as moms that it is important to reconnect, to just be laid back and to just have a drink! The under-21 crowd play, run around the house, watch movies, eat. The ages range from Boo (almost 4) to 15. The over-21 crowd ranges from 30-ish to 50-is. The friends that come do not always know any one but me, but at the end of the night new friendships are born.

At one Girls Night In two mutual friends showed up and I found out they went to high school together. That is how small the world is.

Girls Night is is a great, CHEAP, way to get together and just have a good time. Sure, it's not fun in an Irish Pub. But hey I take my fun times where I can get them.

I hope you have a great Friday night!

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Field trip of nightmares

Yesterday I took Boo on a field trip with her class. We went to a local farm and visited their pumpkin patch and apple orchard. There is a reason why I have never volunteered for one of Allie's field trips. Yesterday's torture solidified my stance.

Boo's field trip was utter chaos. First of all, there were about 25 3-5 year-olds. Some (sane) parents just dropped their children off and ran as fast as the could to the nearest Dunkin Donuts. These children are all running around like the crazy preschoolers they are supposed to be. Except Boo, who cannot run and was overwhelmed by all the nature and noise of 24 children running around like crazy preschoolers.

I started getting stressed immediately. As we all started walking towards the pumpkin patch Boo was crying 'all done' and 'no like', wanting me to pick her up. I was making her walk because 1) I believe if I am being tortured she should be too 2) I was trying to give the impression that I was paying attention to all the ABA therapies they have been doing at school.

At this point (only 10 minutes into the field trip) I am so thankful for sunglasses that hide the tears I am trying to hold back. Because it is slaps me in the face again that she is NOT like the other kids. In this class half the kids are supposed to be 'special'. And they are, there is one with Down Syndrome, a host of varing degrees of children on the autistism spectrum, and whatever else. But none have her degree of delay. At least to my overwhelmed eyes. As the children ran to the pumpkins it took so much time for Boo to walk that far and then to finally get her to realize that the pumpkins were not "broken". She was just starting to walk around the patch when she trips over a vine. OH NO her hands are dirty!!!!

I swear by the time we got thru the patch and finished with the apple orchard my hair was straight. And had a couple more grey hairs.

It wasn't all bad. We did have some funny moments. Like when Boo thought she heard a bus and started to scream for Allie to "ome here". I finally gave up trying to explain that Allie wasn't here. I distracted her with a shiny apple.

But the trip was heartbreaking for me. When they all posed for a class picture and Boo was just standing there. Not looking at the camera, not realizing she was supposed to be standing up, just not realizing period. And then when they all sat on the grass for story time. Sidebar--who makes kids with sensory issues sit on wet grass? Boo had her back to the class the entire time. As the kids acted out 5 Little Pumpkins Boo just sat there.

One mom asked me how Boo was in this class. After all don't you have to be almost 4-5 years old? She thought Boo was only 2. I briefly say that Boo is almost 4 but has a global delay.

I want to kick my own ass, quite frankly. Because I should be over it by now. It shouldn't bother me when I see kids that are "typical" or non-typical but without the severity of delay that Boo has. I know there are children (and parents) who have it so much worse. I should be so utterly grateful that she is alive, healthy and growing.

But I am not. I am fine in our own little bubble. It is when we venture out that it slaps me again and again that she is not "typical".

Exactly when does the hurt stop?

You cannot see the tears, but she was so upset
and so was Mom

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

I'm wicked tired....

I'm wicked tired. Today I have been on a field trip, taken Boo to see her pulmonologist made it back to get Allie off the bus and to the family night Book Fair at her school. At this point I can only pour a glass of well deserved wine and show you a couple of pictures from Boo's field trip. Preschool teachers should be paid a lot more money!

Holy crap there are pumpkins in this dirt!

You want me to touch what?

Look at me, I held a pumpkin!

Put it right THERE

How tired am I? I gave Allie ice cream for dinner and then sent her to bed. I think I remember having her brush her teeth. But it's not something I would swear to!

Trying my best to participate in.....

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

And the puppy is still crazy

Our crazy pup, Bailey, just turned a year old. I think he has puppy dementia! He is still awesome with Boo. But he is terrorizing Allie. This morning he broke into her room and well, Barbie-ville was demolished. Other than that, it has been a fabulous year. So happy birthday Bailey!

 We are so happy that you made us your forever family. Although I could do without all the dog hair....

Monday, October 15, 2012

Monday Confessions V5

Monday Morning Confession..
Things I wonder

Why the throw up bug starts at 12 AM not 12 PM
Why we stop seeing fairies.
Why some one asks you "what is this for" when you are in another room and cannot see what they are talking about.
Why kids sleep in on Monday mornings but wake up before dawn on the weekend.
Why laundry seems to multiply overnight.
Why men cannot cannot smell a dirty diaper, but can smell brownies two blocks away

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Superwoman complex

My name is Kerri and I suffer from Superwoman Complex.

Do you or some mom you know suffer from this rarely talked about syndrome? It's when you think you can and must do everything. For everyone. But yourself. So you are going along taking care of everything and everyone and BAM out of no where you are hit will a killer migraine. 

Your husband, of course, is not home. You are driving home with two girls who need lunch, like NOW. You crawl into the driveway, give them cheese & crackers & fruit for lunch. You throw the crazy puppy outside and pray he comes back. You try the over the counter medication because you are afraid to take the heavy duty stuff when you are responsible for the girls. And because you think you must be Superwoman you decide to make banana bread and start the laundry. An hour later, you crumble and take the prescribed medications. Lay on the couch only to have Boo think you are a trampoline and crazy puppy (he came back) wants to play catch. 

Thankfully husband walks in the door at the exact moment and proclaims:

You look like crap. You should go lay down somewhere.

Because he is telling the truth and is finally home so you can hide in a dark room you don't say THANK YOU CAPTAIN OBVIOUS! But instead crawl upstairs to the peace and relative quiet.  

A couple hours later when the  medication has worked and the migraine has transitioned to a low-grade (manageable) headache you realize the hard truth: You are not superwoman. But you feel human so that's okay. 

This is how I spent Saturday afternoon. When the migraine had lifted later in the night and I could function again, my husband innocently asked: What are you stressed out about?

Yes, he lives. Guess I am superwoman after all!

Saturday, October 13, 2012

For the love of apples....

Fall is here. Time for apple pie, apple cake, apple sauce...if we get the apple out of Boo's hand!

Friday, October 12, 2012

Fall is officially here

In New England we have an expression, if you don't like the weather just wait a moment because it will change.

Last week it was still summer. Yesterday it was spring (Allie wore shorts to school). Today it is freaking freezing! As sure sign that summer is over? Boo woke up this morning with blue hands and feet. Thankfully, not the first time, so no worries.  We have battled this for the past couple of winters. Right on contact, they pinked right up.  

The bad news? I had a mad scramble to find her fleece.  The good news? I didn't have to check the weather report this morning. Boo is more accurate anyway!


Thursday, October 11, 2012

Allie's future is planned, sort of

Last night Boo had an epic meltdown. Not just last. Her entire day was off. It as my fault, really. I posted recently about the weekends with company, then going to see the grandparents, then having to go to her appointments rather than school. So she was already not up to her best. She fell asleep on the way home from school yesterday, exhausted. Boo had been waking up crying in the morning and crying herself to sleep. Not her normal. I know she is constipated and is going to take a couple of days to get back to sleeping on her own. Boo loves her routine, she just needs time to get back to it.

So, why oh why did I decide that today was the day for her to wear new shoes?

Boo wears sneakers (when she is not throwing them in the fire or out the window). Boo does not like to wear shoes at all on her left foot. So why would I, when we were already late for school, decide to not only put her in a dress but new shoes?

Because I'm an idiot. That's why!

Needless to say the morning was not fun. Boo was screaming and banging her head uncontrollably. She threw the shoes at my head. I finally got her calmed down and Allie proclaimed:

"That settles it, I am NEVER having children"

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Just deal with it....

Boo had a tough week, so far. This weekend was wonderful, visiting my parents. The girls were spoiled for the short time we were there. Even though we were only gone for a couple of days, it was enough to mess with Boo.

To add to her difficult week, yesterday not only did she have to travel 3+ hours to Children's for a GI check-up afterwards she had to take Allie to an orthodontist appointment. After spending 12+ hours in the car driving home from being spoiled, to spend 6+ (round trip) hours in the car then have to pick up Allie and just to sit in another waiting room for Allie was a bit much to ask of her.

While in the orthodontist waiting room, Boo was....shall we say....exuberant in her joy over a book of puppies.  I don't think the receptionist or the other families in the waiting room have ever experienced such exuberance. I was just happy that Boo was in the stroller (although I had a funny moment when I imagined their experience of an unconstrained Boo). Rather than being embarrassed I was so proud at how Boo was labeling the things in the book. Okay, I was embarrassed at the volume of her expression. But I was proud too :)

When it was time to leave, I asked if there happened to be a handicapped entrance/exit. Allie and I had to carry Boo's stroller up 5 steps to enter the office building. The look of utter surprise from the receptionist face was priceless. Turns out, the building is not handicap accessible. Something that would not have occurred to me pre-Boo.  Now we are lucky, I could have either carried Boo into the building or she could have walked. But that would have meant that Boo would be racing around the office (as would anyone after spending so much time in a car seat). So instead, Allie helped me get the stroller up and then down the stairs.

As Allie and I were carrying Boo's stroller back down the stairs she commented on how Boo was so loud, she could hear her way in the back of the office. I asked if the doctor said anything about it, here is Allie's reply:

They asked if the person making all that noise was Boo and I said yes.  Then they said, wow she is really loud. I told them she was special needs--just deal with it.

Any embarrassment I may have felt faded in that moment.  Allie is right, we have to deal with their building not being handicap friendly and they just have to deal too.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Augmentive Communication

Boo is very lucky to be a patient at Children's Hospital Augmentative Communication department (one of her many specialists!). In honor of Down Syndrome' Awareness month. Rebecca Therriault, SLP of the Augmentative Communication Program for this handout on Visual Schedules with a focus on supports for Children with Down Syndrome.

I am not adept enough to post the schedule here. But I recommend liking the CHB Augmentative Communication Program on Facebook where you can download a copy of the schedule to help with your child.

Boo's school uses a similar schedule for her day. I have not attempted it, yet. After all we failed miserably with PECS! But this is so cool. Because I am totally inept, I tried to put it here for you to see:

I am hoping you can see Rebecca's work. You can tell that she really thought out the best way to inform the uniformed how a visual schedule works. I am definitely going to try it. If it works, I will have Boo's ACC SPT thank Rebecca for me. If not, I will never mention it at all at Boo's next appointment :0

Monday, October 8, 2012

Monday Confessions V2

Monday Confessions...things I miss

Sleeping in on the weekends.

Girls night out.

Wearing high heels.

Getting massages.

Having a clean house. 

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Saturday, October 6, 2012


These are the moment when I know there is no love like Allie & Boo

Hoping you have a peaceful weekend and remember....

Friday, October 5, 2012

Another "R" word rant

Did you happen to read the Love that Max post yesterday? Ellen writes (beautifully, I might add) about the "R" word. From those that sell apparel with the word to the recent article in the NY Times.

Today, I was looking up something about Down Syndrome for the 31 for 21 challenge. And look what I found on under Myths, Misconceptions & Facts about Down Syndrome:

"FACT: Most people with Down syndrome have only mild to moderate mental retardation."
Um, Fact? I don't think so! First, while people with Down Syndrome may have intellectual disabilities. They are not IN FACT retarded. Now, in all honesty the website that "most" Down Syndrome children have the ability to learn.

I am not making this up. It is simply amazing the misinformation out there!

The truth is, like all children, those who have Down Syndrome are not clones of one another! There are differences among all of us. The same is true with Down Syndrome, those with severe cardiac disease and those with mild. Those who need glasses and those who don't. Those who are potty-trained at 3 and those who are not.

Hmm...sounds like Down Syndrome should not define the child.

The scary part, to this "fact" is on the web. On a popular website that I am sure a lot of people may use for their information. Imagine Allie deciding to do a report on Down Syndrome? Sure, she knows not to use the "R" word. I am more concerned about another student (or parent) finding this "fact" and not knowing it is fiction.

But there is also guilt. I was one of those idiots who used the word as a noun. When Boo was obviously delayed and we met with the neurologist I remember asking, does this me she is retarded? (In New England we say RE-TAH-DID). I wasn't trying to be politically incorrect, hurtful or worse. I just did not know what the proper term was supposed to be. I was ignorant.

Now I know, the power of words and how they hurt.  It took Boo to show me the power. It to Jillian, her friend with Down Syndrome to show me that not all kids with DS are the same. 

So while the only way to combat ignorance is with knowledge, I see a nasty e-mail to in my future!

Proud to be participating in the

Thursday, October 4, 2012

And to top it off, the fish died!

It's been a tough week. And it's only Thursday. 

We have had company the past two weekends. This has led to disrupting Boo's routine. It happens every time. She is good while the company is here. But not sleeping in her room and having her routine interrupted leads to sleepless nights, constipation and general fussiness.

Company doesn't understand why Boo must go to sleep in her room (still our guest room) and then be moved AFTER she fall asleep. They do not understand that Boo cannot fall asleep some where else. They also don't understand that I cannot let them sleep in. Well, they can try. But Boo is pretty loud and her voice kinds of echos when she is excited.

Then Joey died. Allie's pet beta fish. I don't know why it surprised me. He was trying to hang himself for days in the plant roots. Joey was cool because he was low maintenance. Clean his bowl once a month and feed him once or twice a week.  Allie had kind of forgotten about him. But "fish" was one of Boo's first signs and she loved him for awhile. But I think I am the only one who misses him. 

Probably because he was the easiest family member to take care of!

Which leads me to crazy puppy. He just turned a year and has forgotten all we have trained him. He just woke up wild this week. I think the company disrupted his schedule too.

Work has been nuts. Remember that co-worker whose "emotional plate was full"? (I still love that line). Anyway, she gave a week's notice. She is leaving to take care of her sick mom. I find this admirable, if a little confusing. In this economy how some one can quit a good paying job with benefits, is beyond me.

I also feel guilty. Because I am not quitting my job to take care of Boo. I haven't ever really considered it. Oh, I've wondered how I've KEPT my job. With all the time off for appointments and crazy hours to attend most of Boo's therapies. It's a wonder and I am very thankful for an understanding boss and coworkers. Now and again I have tried to cut back my hours. The job just doesn't allow it. They are flexible, but at the end of they day the job has to be done. 

But in truth, if not for my job I would lose my sanity. Or be spending a lot more time with Pinot Grigio. I wonder how people do it. First on one income and second on the whole sanity factor. 

To top it off, the thing that put me over the mom wants us to bring the girls down for the long weekend. It is not the 12-hour thru the night drive that is bothering me. We do it all the time (it is much easier to travel that way). It is the thought of another weekend, a weekend I thought I could actually relax, being taken away from me. The thought of completing disrupting Boo's structure. Of her missing her Yoga session. Of knowing that she will be sleeping in my arms for 2 nights which means when we come home I have at least 5 nights of misery until she readjusts to being home. Of her diet being off because you are on a pseudo vacation. Of my husband missing much needed over-time because it is a long weekend and a lot of guys are off. Of Allie having to miss her Pony Club. Something she has been looking forward to.

I always think my mom gets it. That Boo is harder than she seems. That Allie is getting older and more involved in weekend activities.  But her understanding is trumped by her desire to see the girls. And since mom is the best ever, you know I will be traveling thru the night this weekend. For two days to drive back thru the night to make her happy. Because my mom deserves it. 

I'm going to miss that fish.

Don't forget: