Friday, September 20, 2013

I should be a Gold Medalist

I deserve a medal for the time I didn't kill David when he told me he was taking me to the theater. I got dressed up. And I mean dressed up. Short skirt, thigh-high nylons, high heels and did my hair.

I looked like a tramp. But we were still in the dating, I want him to love me phase of the relationship. Okay, I probably didn't look like a tramp. But if Allie ever wore that outfit I would lock her in the attic.

Off we drove to Boston. Dinner at Legal Seafoods. I was feeling great and he takes me to the theater.

The Omni Theater.

At the Museum of Science.

To see Everest (wicked cool).

Attended by a bunch of kids on some type of boy scout field trip/sleep over (not so cool).

The fact that I did not need bail money proves I deserve some type of medal.

I will take Olympic Gold please.

How would you finish this sentence? I deserve a medal for the time I.....

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  1. some of the outfits I wore back in the day, I so would not let my girls wear. Not sure how I was allowed to leave the house sometimes and they weren't even that bad I suppose by today's comparison. But yes you do deserve a medal for not going postal on him for this and thanks as always for sharing and linking up with us!!

  2. Oh wow! That's some restraint!

    More photos needed with this post, though - a re-enactment of the outfit, if nothing else ;)

  3. lol. so funny! at least he planned a date, right? and i bet those boy scouts enjoyed your outfit.

  4. Ha! Did you tell him at the time how close he was to death? :)

  5. I bet those boys thought you looked pretty great, Kerri! Along with your date!

  6. Haha! So funny! I was just thinking about one of my old New Year's Eve party dresses... yeah. 'nuff said. :)

  7. Sounds like a fun date to me! I'm surprised you ever went out with him again!

  8. I think you deserve a medal for not breaking your neck in high heels. That's always a risk for me.

  9. that is just too funny! I think I would have been arrested for some of my outfits too...though more for looking like a pyscho though...LOL..

    we sure thought we looked back then, right?

  10. OUCHO - you got all dressed up in high heels and stuff? YUP totally deserve a medal for that.

  11. You really deserve a medal for this one!


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