Thursday, September 12, 2013

Boys are still gross, thank goodness

Going into the file of things I never expected to be asked by my daughter....

Allie: What's a hickey?
Me: What? (almost driving off the road, I think I may have killed a butterfly)
Allie: In Boo's movie, the guy says a Hickey from Kinicki. What's a hickey?
Me (stall, stall, stall finally tell the truth): Well, you know those bruises on Rizzo's neck? Um, well they are from Kinicki kissing her.
Allie: Another reason I am never dating boys.

One last thing on this beautiful Wednesday. I have taken the plunge and am auditioning for Blogger Idol 2013. Expect a lot of groveling for votes! The perk of auditioning is that not only will my blog receive a lot of exposure, but I will receive creative and constructive criticism from the judges. So be sure to vote and vote often!


  1. LOL, I like that you were honest and I love that she said what she said :-)

    Domesticated Breakdown

  2. Good for you for answering honestly. I still remember the time I was driving with my dad. I think I was in 3rd grade. I asked him what a blow job was. And then proceeded to question a BUNCH. Amazing he didn't crash the car. Poor dad.

  3. Ohhh well done you. Nicely handled.

    I once asked what a dildo was, when I was 11. Over Sunday dinner.

    I think I remember my Dad turning purple, and probably not speaking to me for the rest of the day. If I was lucky.

  4. Ha! I often think, "It will go right over their heads". And then it never goes far enough over. Good way to handle the situation.

    I was thinking about auditioning, too! Instead, I shall simply vote for you. :)

  5. Ha ha! Way to keep it simple and honest. Thank goodness boys are yucky! Hormones are waaaaaaay too rampant in the younger generation!

    I had also thought about doing the Blogger Idol but like Christine, I think I will just vote for you.

  6. Let's hope she remembers this in a few years! I'm auditioning too - good luck Kerri!

  7. She is such a character! Love her and your answer. Way to go Mom!

  8. HAHA :) I love this girl! When I was eleven, I was doing some research on diabetes for a health class project and I asked my dad what an erection was...LOL.

  9. Good for you!!!! Do it!!!!
    And yes, at 33 boys are still gross :)


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