Tuesday, November 20, 2012

The (truly) Happiest Place on Earth

Last week we took the girls to Disney. I did not want to go. That is not an understatement. My parents guilted me into it. They wanted to take Allie back before she lost the magic. I didn't want to take Boo and also didn't want Allie going without me, so I caved.

And I am so glad that your mother is always right! The girls had such a nice time. Boo did awesome on the plane. Allie as so excited, which I expected. What I did not expect was the courtesy of the Disney staff. They allowed us to use our stroller in line, gave her front row seating so she could see the shows and most of all? The characters were so kind and friendly. 

Allie is in love with all things Princess and Fairies. I was worried about Boo. How would she react? Should I bring her close or just let her hang in her stroller. However, the Princesses and Fairies wouldn't let me! They asked for me to wheel Boo over and were so kind. They welcomed Boo to touch their clothing, their hair, provided hugs and kisses. I was amazed. I thought for sure Boo would freak. But instead she looked at them and saw magic. 

We visited another theme park while we were in Florida and it just was not the same. They had little or no accommodations for the handicapped. Boo couldn't interact with with the animals like she could at Disney, the handicap seating was limited viewing. If I had not been to Disney I wouldn't have known. 

But now that I do, I will be saving for another trip. Because to see this look in my Boo's eyes is worth every penny we spent.



  1. Glad you had a good time! I'm sure it must feel great when Boo has such a good time!

    We were in Disneyland before we had our youngest with Down syndrome.
    But I remember even then noticing how everybody was so nice to those with special needs, and it made a big impression on me. I had never been too interested in going there, but that trip changed my mind. So when our youngest is a little bigger, I hope we'll get a chance to go back!

    1. I really cannot say enough about how awesome the experience was! You should definitely try to go with your little one

  2. Convinced me! Now to save! Lets meet there in 2014 ;) glad you all has a brilliant holiday xxx

    1. yes, yes, yes, 2014 for sure. Fantasy Land is reopening that year with a whole new Princess theme, Pepper will love it. And I am sure the boys will too!


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