Saturday, August 10, 2013

Thanks for a weird week.

Joining some friends to reflect on the past week and focus on the great things that happened. But then I kind of had a crazy week so figured I would have some fun....

T Turkeys. I know what you are thinking, turkeys? But yes. You see I had about 18 in my yard this week. This means come Thanksgiving I won’t have to go grocery shopping. As Boo said when she saw them: BOOM

E    Earrings 

N   Nail polish 


T    Three miles without walking

H   Hair products

I     Ice cold Mojitos and Margaritas

N    Not hearing I'm bored when Allie had a sleep over at Grammies

G   Girl goes back to school in 25 days

S Shark Week the only week of programming David and Allie don't fight over the remote

What are you thankful for this week?

Ten Things of Thankful
Yes, I know I only listed nine things so here is one more for Lizzie who likes people to follow the rules of her hop:


  1. Three miles without walking?! WOW.

    And congrats Boo! I always knew you were a queen! ;)

  2. Number 10 is my favorite!! But yay for them all. i just don't get drawn into Shark Week myself.

    1. Kate, I'm just happy they don't fight over the remote!

  3. WOW! This is our first acrostic and I LOVE it. It's amazing (rules? me? naaaaaaah) and the pic at the end is absolutely gorgeous. I hope Boo knows what a fan-base she has out here in the Blogosphere!

  4. Hooray for the cute little potty queen!

  5. A+ for creativity, Kerri. Amen to mojitos and earrings, and long live the Queen of the Potty!

  6. yeah... (as one who totally loves the idea of doing a thing in a way that no one else has thought of)... nice stuff.

    good list too! lol

  7. Creativity at its best..
    The potty queen is a darling :)

  8. Boo's response to seeing the turkeys was "BOOM"? Hil.Ar.Ious.

    Fabulous list, you creative show off! ESPECIALLY #10.

  9. Three miles without walking is no task. I drive more than that to work each morning! :) And, damn, are you really going to eat 18 turkeys on Thanksgiving? You either have one tremendously huge family, or you just like killing turkeys for fun! Never figured you to be so violent. Guess I need to be careful from this point on! :)

  10. Potty Queen is a dolly! I loved how you did the acronym of TTF:)

  11. I LOVE that photo of Boo! Really great way to do thankful this week, friend. And nail polish? Really? I wouldn't have guessed. Huh. I haven't painted my nails in years. Maybe I need to start doing so again!


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