Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Things that make me think...

Do you ever wonder what the heck was God thinking? And YES I know we are not supposed to question the Almighty. But I do, all the time. A while ago Rich contemplated God on the throne and then Kate thought it would be cool if He came to dinner and out burped Maria.

Their posts made me think, wouldn't it be cool to pick God's brain and try to figure out what he was thinking?  Here are just some things that I'd like to ask.

Bugs, as in ticks and spiders and mosquitos. Any bug really. Well not the pretty ones, like butterflies (are they considered bugs?) but the ugly creepy ones.

Why people run or work out in full make-up?

What is up with pedophiles? I mean I get free will and all that. But don't you have a lightening bolt for a divine I'm going to kick your ass because your an ass button?

Why would He allow a couple to name their child North West, Apple or for Heaven's sake Moon Unit?

If God is responsible for language why is the F word taboo?

Why it only rains when we camp?

How come when you take a tent out of the box it doesn't fit back in?

Why I cannot grow grass but my weeds flourish with my watering?

Why celebrities receive more media attention than our soldiers?

Where is that runner's high I keep hearing about?

Why do children suffer (If he answers that one I will pass it on, Sylvia)?

When man goes to space to see what else is out there, do you ever want to ask why the home you made wasn't good enough?

How come the shower gets dirty? I mean, really if we are in there getting clean should the shower remain so?

Where is the end of the rainbow?

When you hear parents yell at their children to clean their room, do you ever think to yourself: Have you seen your World?

How about you, what would you like to ask God if he came to dinner?


  1. Along with the tents, why don't air mattresses store away easily? And if He created the sun, why does it cause cancer? I'd like to bronze up without fear.

  2. Hi Kerri! I would like to know why he leads me to the line that moves the slowest at the grocery store, and we are all going to die...why does it have to hurt so much to say goodbye?

    Fun post today, thank you!

    Happy Tuesday!

    1. Was that you in front of me? Kidding. My husband thinks I have a rare skill of always choosing the line most likely to have a trainee

  3. I agree with Cecil, why does it hurt so much to say goodbye?

    And why can't I just switch off my feelings when it would be necessary? :-(

    1. Well, I think that is part of being human. Sadly...

    2. So true. However,. on some days it would come in handy.

  4. Hah! I've wondered a lot of these as well. I can only assume that there is a reason I don't understand or can't understand. But yeah, if I could ask something, it would be why can't bad things be more spaced out? They always seem to happen at once!!!!

    By the way, I gave you an award. :) http://www.asortafairytale.com/2013/07/the-versatile-blogger-award-x4.html

  5. I was just thinking, Boy we have many of the same questions, then I saw my name! Please do let me know if you find out before I do!

    1. Oh, Sylvia you are so right. I should have warned you. I hope it was a happy surprise

  6. Ooh, these are so thought-provoking! I would like to ask God why He made chocolate unhealthy! ;)

  7. Like the tent, why can't maps be folded back up once they are unfolded? I'm going to be up all night contemplating these Earth shattering questions, Kerri. Thanks a bunch ;)

  8. He certainly has some answers to be giving.

    The F word I can help you with - they etymology has it that the word generated from an ancient curse which meant 'go forth and die'. Pretty bad stuff. Ergo taboo.


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