Monday, July 22, 2013

The Word According to Allie

It's Monday and time to take a moment to reflect on the Word of Allie....

Last weekend we had a house full of company. Allie's cousin who is 4 years old told her that he loved her.

Allie looked at her Grandmother and asked: he meant as a friend, right Grandma?


  1. Love that girl! (as a friend, of course - I haven't even met her!)

  2. Hahaha- she is going to be a heartbreaker.

  3. Hahahaha it's always a good idea to check! ;-) Allie is awesome.

    This reminds me of something that happened when I was working with kindergartners. They had a reference list of common words that they could use when writing. One little boy called me over and said, "I don't think that 'love' should be on this list...that's not exactly appropriate for the classroom."

  4. She is so cool! Love your new series!


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