Monday, July 29, 2013


It is Monday, and time to hear the Word of Allie.

Allie has been lucky to have wonderful teachers most of her life. She was a little nervous about her upcoming 4th grade teacher. She didn't not get her first choice. But was very thankful that she received her second choice.

I asked her why she didn't want Teacher X. I mean, really, how much could she know about the upcoming teachers?

Allie: Well, you see she doesn't like kids. I cannot figure out why anyone would want to be a teacher if they didn't like kids. Didn't she know she would have to work with us?

This has been the Word According to Allie.


  1. So true! I never understood that either, Allie!

  2. You know I had to read this when I saw the title! It makes you wonder, doesn't it? The only thing I can say is that sometimes, I don't like my daughter, but I'm still a mom. Did I just say too much? I must reiterate my emphasis is on the word sometimes. I hope Allie has a good fourth grade year. It's my favorite grade to teach, and I think it's a wonderful age. Although, there were times I didn't like my class too much. I think I just said too much again! ;)


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