Monday, November 4, 2013

Just buy a painted house

Remember I wrote about Abby and David doing a word problem? It went like this:

Bob has 3 apples. Susan has 9 more apples than Bob. If Susan has 20 apples how many does Bob have?

David: 3
Abby: I have no idea.
Me: 11

David: No, he has 3 it says it right THERE. This is a trick question!

Last night we watched the movie Little Big League. For all you suffering from 4th grade math homework (or heck any homework) this one's for you!



  1. Haha, I just started doing the problem in my head too! I didn't catch on either.

  2. I agree that it is 11.

    Cool video!

  3. I was a math teacher back before having my kids, but totally got a laugh from this today. Thanks Kerri!!

  4. OMG that totally seems like a trick question. I just did it in my head and you and David are BOTH right. GAH!!!
    Poor Abby. Also what was right???

  5. totally had to reread that math problem! what is it with school work these days? i just had to google about a question on patty's homework a week or so ago. and she's in first grade! you know somewhere a teacher is just reduced to snickers knowing that we are all sitting at the kitchen table with our kids scratching our heads about these problems!

  6. Questions like this prove that my husband and I will have to go back to school to help our boys with their homework.

    I still think the answer is three, though, so what is it?

    1. This post also made me think of this:


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