Monday, June 10, 2013

A moment to say WOW

I know that Boo is so incredibly lucky. Yes, she struggles. However she struggles so much less than other children. And here is why:

Boo you see has the best, ultimate best, village. Not everyone of her village is shown in this photo. The people above dedicated Sunday to walk with Boo in the NSTAR Walk for Children's Hospital. We formed our Brigade 5 years ago to show how much our family was indebted to the Saviors who saved Boo's life and our sanity.

Five years later, CHB continues to care for the best hugger in the world. However we do not owe Boo's advances to just CHB. She owes her growth to the friends, family, therapists and teachers who interact with her on a daily basis.

I read so many blogs where I am saddened that they do not have a village. So many moms feel isolated, alone and afraid. Too many parents of children with special needs become loners. Their lives are centered around their child, leaving them little choice.

Maintaining a village is not easy for a lot of us. We are pretty out there with Boo and have been since her birth. I know the present is the easy period. As she gets older life may become harder. I think that is why our family is so grateful for our village. 

Boo's teachers, aides and therapists have become extended family. Our friends have become watchful guardians when they see Boo in school or at a party. Everyone we know have invested themselves into our beloved child.  Recently I was at the Supermarket and a teenager came up and said hi to Boo. I had no idea who she was, but her friendliness touched me.

So I am taking a moment (or two) of your day to express my gratitude to Boo's village. Those who walked 7-miles on Sunday and those who cheer her on every minute of the day. Those who read my blog and cheer us on. Those who I work and live along side. The countless people who reach out and hold our hands through this unsuspected life.

Thank you to all of you who share our heartache and joy.

From the bottom of my soul, thank you.



  1. What a beautiful thank you and sounds like you truly do have a wonderful support team!! :)

  2. What a wonderful village you have! You really are so lucky! I wish I had half of them! xoxo

  3. Yay for your village from one of your bloggy cheerleaders! I'll continue to cheer as long as I don't have to wear a skimpy uniform :)

  4. So glad you have a village for your family! Count me in if you ever need anything!

  5. And we will always be here to cheer you both on, Kerri and Boo.

  6. I'm so glad to hear that Boo has such an awesome support system! I'll always be rooting for you and Boo as well. :)

  7. wonderful ~~ we love our little Bridget and her family too !<3


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