Friday, March 1, 2013

“You want to know what I think of social media? I think…”

This Friday's Finish That asking my opinion of social media.

I think it is great. I mean really, how else would I know....

  • That Brittany Spears is now a brunette?
  • That a friend on Facebook cooked dinner, did their laundry or better yet just woke up from a nap?
  • That some idiot at Nickelodeon thought it was a brilliant idea to have two actresses pretend they were moms in charge of a PTA bake sale and make fun of kids with food allergies? (although I do admit that their line about guilty us to volunteer since 2010 was quite comical)
  • That there were so many videos of cats acting crazy

However, there are some great benefits to social media. I found most of you that way! I also found out...

  • That Boo was not the only undiagnosed child in the world.
  • That Yoga for the Special Child is not only available, but available locally.
  • That my brother who lives across the world from me can play Words With Friends at the same time as I do. We are just playing on different days of the week.
  • That Allie has a half-day of school. (Honestly, I forgot and if it wasn't for someone posting it on Facebook well it could have been disasterous!)
  • That I can stay in touch with friends without to have them over for dinner.
  • That you can raise money and awareness for great causes.

But if I was Mistress of the Social Media World I would have the following rules for social media (I would also have a cool costume)....

  • That if you put a picture of the meal you just made as your status on Facebook you must invite me over for dinner.
  • That if you just woke up from a nap and decide to brag about it you realize I will be dropping the girls off at your house for the next 6 hours.
  • That any reporting of Kim K, Lady Gaga or any Real Housewife will not be on my evening news.
  • That you will not have your Facebook Status proclaiming: FML unless your life really sucks. For example, you were just told you have 12 hours left to live and for those 12 hours you will be covered in fire ants.
  • That you understand 'de-friending' really isn't an insult. Sometimes it is a blessing.
  • That you will not, for any reason ever, post a stupid video of yourself acting like an idiot. Especially if you are Ann Coulter.
  • Better yet, if you are Ann Coulter you will never, ever be on any social media outlet. Like Ever.

And that's what I think of Social Media. Aren't you glad you asked?

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  1. I'd hope they would invite me over too for that hot meal, because with two little kids I definitely don't get enough of them!! Seriously loved your thoughts on social media and thanks as always for linking up!!

    1. Exactly! Here I am having popcorn for dinner and some "friend" posts a picture of her lobster dinner that her boyfriend made. Two insults in one :)

  2. This post is awesome! I couldn't agree with you more. Social media definitely has its ups and downs. And I too would have many dinner invitations, if the powers that be implemented your rule. I would like that! BTW, I LOVE Finding Ninee! Kristi's amazing!

  3. Oh, yes, the "FML's have to stop...make them stop!!! I *loved* your rules, your first paragraph made me giggle, and you are so right about all the actually positive and helpful things about FB. All in all, I'd say you nailed it! Thanks for linking up with us again! :D

    1. Thanks! And I figured out how to put the link-up over there some where, so thanks!

  4. I would so crown you Mistress of the Social Media world - your rules are fabulous! I think you should wear a sparkly cape.

  5. I think your rules are MORE than fair..especially Ann Coulter. Shudder. Thanks for stopping by my blog! I invited myself over to yours and read your background about cute Boo. She's a superhero!

  6. Hah I love your 'If I were Mistress of Facebook' take on it :)

  7. Kerri, I love your rules esp inviting me over if posting a pix of a delish dish :)

    Great post!

  8. I hate to lose people as friends since they are potential readers of my blog, so I defriend no one. However, I have unsubscribed from many people.

    Number one thing to get you kicked off my wall. Constant complaining. I don't care foe downers.

  9. haha, that's hilarious. Yes, social media is a total mixed blessing. I guess drowning in the stupid updates and videos is worth it from the chance to meet so many other parents out there.

  10. Kerri, I love the way you handled this FTSF! Like LOTS and lots :)
    I must be behind because I had no idea that Britney is now a brunette. And your rules rock. Nobody should ever say FML. And Ann Coulter should so be banned. Forever.

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  12. Brittany Spears is a brunette now??? I need to google, haha.


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