Monday, September 3, 2012

Boo's left foot

Boo has an issue with her left foot. I am not sure what the issue is, but Boo really (and I mean REALLY) does not like socks or shoes on her left foot. She will walk around all day with the right shoe/sock on. But her left? Oh no, she does not like that at all. 

We do manage to get the shoe on in the morning, but left unattended and she has that shoe off faster than a prom dress on prom night.

She is no longer allowed to wear shoes in the Jeep, since her last left shoe ended up somewhere on the highway.
Yesterday afternoon as we sat around the fire pit, enjoying the peace and quiet of the day I heard my mom yell BOO NO!!!!! I jumped up and in slow motion watched her left sneaker plop right into the middle of the pit. 

You never realize what a fire hazard those light up sneakers are. I apologize to our neighbors who saw (and smelt) the black plume as it rose above our yard.

I will be investing in sneakers AGAIN. If only I could buy the left ones :)


  1. i feel your pain although my daughter has yet to throw her shoes anywhere. usually its her cup that goes out the window :)

  2. I was hoping that boo did not step in the fire! Lucky it was just her shoe! Cooper thinks your jeep is so cool and now whats to come and visit and drive with the top down! Hope you find a shoe she likes asap x

    1. Oh, no she threw the shoe. I think I am going to have her try out for the Major Leagues at this point. Shoe shopping went okay, but it was torture yesterday trying to get her adjusted to the feel of the new shoes.

      Although there is nothing like driving in the Jeep with the top off, we will have to make sure that Cooper and Boo are shoeless :)

  3. Sorry about the thing with the shoe but it made me laugh! :-)


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