Wednesday, December 26, 2012

We did it!

We did it! We survived an influx of company, three different Christmas celebrations, Christmas Eve Mass and Christmas Day.

We survived playing Santa and putting toys together. (My husband and I have a new rule...who ever buys the gift puts the gift together!).

A good time was had by all, even if we are all exhausted.

Poor Allie. She & Boo have been sharing a room while the company is here for the week. Boo usually wakes up early and then (generally) will talk herself back to sleep. Except now she is in Allie's room and sees Allie when she awakens. So poor Allie has been awoken every morning at 6am. And, thank goodness for older sisters, reads to Boo in her room until she hears the adults get up.

Except this morning. Because today Boo woke up at 3am. And thought it was playtime! By the time I realized that I wasn't dreaming and I was hearing Boo shout, ALLIE BOOK with joy, I ran to Allie's room. Boo had managed to climb onto Allie's bed, stand on-top of her and drop the Princess Book onto Allie's head. (see what physical therapy can accomplish?)

Poor Allie! Who is such a good sport. As I took Boo from the room, Allie said that it was okay, she would read to her. Until I told her it was 3AM go back to sleep!!!!


  1. poor allie but at least shes a good sport about it. sounds like what my daughter would do

    1. She really is. Although she no longer is asking that she & Boo share a room!


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