Monday, December 31, 2012

New Year's....

Usually I forgo making New Year's Reservations. I mean resolutions. I figure why set myself up for failure? Instead I make New Year's Wishes. Since my wishes haven't come true  for 2012, I am so surprised that George Clooney did not show up on my doorstep to whisk me away, I have decided to make a combination list of wishes, hopes and resolutions.

  1. I resolve to begin running again. I wish for motivation and hope for time in order to "just do it"
  2. I resolve to be a better friend, to be there more for those who need it. I wish that they do not need it too often (because, really who wishes misery on their friends?), but hope they know they can ask me for help.
  3. I resolve to give up Diet Coke. Cold turkey. Beginning Jan 1st. I hope I have the willpower to abstain. I wish my family patience in dealing with me being grumpy in the morning.
  4. I resolve to spend more time hugging my girls and less time screaming at them. I wish for more patience and hope they learn behave like those perfectly behaved children my friends brag about.
  5. I resolve to read more at night and spend less time watching Reality TV. I hope for the Real Housewives not to be so addictive and wish to find new authors who will enchant me.
  6. I resolve to less time venting and more time rejoicing. I wish for less roadblocks for Boo and hope Tia continues to remind me how lucky I am.
  7. I resolve to keep a cleaner house. I hope my family learns to clean up after themselves (especially crazy puppy whose dog hair is driving me nuts!) and wish for a cleaning lady.
  8. I resolve to find balance in my life, between work/family/Boo's therapies. I wish for George Clooney to show up at my door and hope he says, Don't worry darling I've taken care of everything. See the maid, the live in therapist and I have a gazillion dollars so you no longer have to work. (sorry hubby!)
What are your resolutions, hopes and wishes?


  1. My list is similar to yours, as you can read on my blog! :-) Happy New Year to you, Kerri! Glad I found your blog!

  2. Kerrie, you always put a smile on my face! Good luck with quitting diet coke and hooray on the running!!!!

  3. Happy new year, Kerri and Boo! And let us all know how the diet coke weaning goes...something I need to do myself but I'm very afraid!! :)

    1. The weaning is painful. I tried. I swear. But this weekend, I caved. As far as running, we had a snow storm. Maybe God doesn't want me to run? (hey a girl can hope!)

    2. So, how does the weaning go? Are you successful?


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