Thursday, December 13, 2012

A pet peeve

“Oh she will be fine”

I swear if I hear that phrase one more time I may not be responsible for my actions. And to hear it from some one who is a family member and should know better? Well....I bet their definition of fine and mine are quite different!

Here are some examples of where we differ in opinion:

Boo acts like a normal 4YO—only if a normal 4YO cannot understand that I am mommy and not the nice lady in the grocery store

Boo is just a late walker—sure, most children need to use a pediatric walker for 9 months before they are able to walk independently

Boo is a late talker—oh, thank you! I will cancel the 2 days/week therapy sessions.  

Boo should be able to eat cheese if she wants to—nope, see how she is screaming? That means she is constipated and in need of relief. Have you ever heard of the Chocolate Bomb? I really recommend it.

Boo doesn’t need a sweater it’s 70 degrees—sure, she is warm now. But in about 5 minutes she will get a chill and turn blue in her hands/feet. Trust me we’ve been to the ER enough.

Just let her cry it out—this during an EEG—they were amazed that she could cry/scream/kick for an hour and 15 minutes. That 10 minute rule, yeah right!
What are your pet peeve statements? And how would you really like to reply?


  1. Hi,
    I just wanted to let you know that I included you in a post tonight. I was awarded the Beautiful Blogger award from Stephanie at Mommy For Real and the rules dictate that I give a shout out to seven other bloggers. You were one of them. :)
    You can view the post here:

    1. Thank you so much! I have been around your blog and you totally deserve the recognition!

  2. my biggest pet peeves are your spoiling her. um no thats not why she is screaming. she will be potty trained when shes ready. really shes almost 5 when will that be

    1. Oh, Charity that is a good one! It so should have made my list


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