Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Tag your it

I do believe the girls are tag-teaming us. Allie is usually my sleeper. It takes her a while to get to sleep, but once she is there all is quiet. Except this week. On Saturday she was awake from 2am-5am. On Sunday Boo was fussing from 3-4a. On Monday it was Allie's turn, Midnight-3am. Last night it was Boo's turn.

So I have a plan. 

I will initiate my plan in 15 or so years. When they are in their 20's before they have children and have to be up with them. But after they are through college when they can sleep through their classes.

I am going to call them, or go to their house, or if they live across the country hire some one to knock on their door and wake them up at 2am. Talk to them until at least 4am. Then go home and nap. Because by the time I am 60 I will no longer need so much sleep or be used to the deprivation, right?

Then I will tag one of you to do it to your non-sleeper. Who is in?


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