Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Not an easy morning

Today Boo woke up on the wrong side of the bed. Well the floor, actually as she had fallen off her bed and onto the floor. But still, not a good start. She still isn't feeling well and it snowed last night.

Boo does not like snow. She told Allie, I NO LIKE (see another sentence, she is making progress). It was only a dusting of snow, it should not have wrecked her morning. But combined with the fall out of bed (the fall was less than 3 inches, by the way) getting ready for school this morning was not fun.

For any of us.

As I am running after everyone trying to get out of the house and be on time I lost Boo. She was hiding with Bailey our crazy puppy.

At least they were out of the cage this time, right?


  1. Kerri....
    A dusting of snow!! Awesome!! We call that "fairy dust" around here!! Or, should it be "Pixie Dust"? Hmmm.... ;)
    Another sentence!! Good job, Boo!! ;-D
    I love, love, love that picture!! Too cute!! Do you have a "Drama Queen" on your hands, by any chance? Hee, hee, hee.... ;)

  2. Poor Boo. Hope she will be herself soon and start feeling better! So glad that the fall out of bed did not harm her!

  3. Aww! :( I'm sorry Boo! That picture is so cute though - definitely put a smile on my face! I hope she has a better day tomorrow!

  4. Poor Boo! I hope she's feeling better today. Little things really throw off Mini Meerkat, too. The doggy snuggles are so sweet.

  5. First, poor Boo. Hope she's back to her usual today. Second, and BIGGER, HOLY sentences, Batman! "I no like?!?!?!?" That's a huge wow-wow. She got what she likes. My son is SO FAR away from that. Seriously so awesome. Love it. I'm almost dancing here! I no like is HUGE! <3


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