Thursday, January 17, 2013

Driving Miss Allie

Allie talks. A lot. Sometimes it is mind-numbing and you feel your ears kind of throb. But you have to pay attention. Because once and a while she slips something important in there. Like her life's plan.

The other night I was driving her to her riding lesson, typically a half-hour drive. For a change it was just the two of us, the minute her butt hit the seat the mouth started moving. Because I am going for mom of the year I offered her use of the IPOD. I could have a quiet moment or two, right?

Wrong. Allie went into a soliloquy about what she wants to be when she get older. She started asking about how much the test was to be a vet and did she have to do a lot of math to be one. We went on and on and on about the different types of vets. I explained about college and yes there was math involved. But there is math involved in any job.

Allie: Except if you are just a mom, right?
Me: Nope, because Mom's get stuck helping their children with the homework. (Yes, I said it: get stuck!)

After riding, she got back into the car and told me she thought about it some more. She has decided not to be a vet. But that her new husband would be one. (quick aside--I have no idea who the old husband is or what he did for work!). But Allie is going to be a therapist.

Me: What type of therapist?
Allie: An OT because they get to do everything. Boo's OT does speech, PT and OT with her and that is the most fun therapy.

But the conversation, of course, didn't end there. Allie has it all planned out. See, Allie figures that Boo hates OT because it isn't a fun place to go. There is too much going on. So Allie's new husband is going to redo their basement as the perfect OT room. She has decided that if "special needs" kids think they are just going on a play date at someone's house they will not cry. She will have mats, a ball pit, a bounce house and everything Boo might need.

Me: Boo? 
Allie: Of course, Boo. She and all her friends from school will be my first patients. My new husband will let them pet of the animals he takes care of so they can have more OT than normal. They will tell all their friends to come to me. I will have fun, be rich and my new husband worry about the math.

And OT's get to use IPADS!

As we got out of the car and went into the house she told me, "Yup. I am either going to be a vet, an OT or a Princess."

....all of this lead me to wonder, does Allie pay any attention during her riding lesson?


  1. Kerri....
    Crack. Me. Up!! I'm so glad that I discovered your Blog, because you certainly make me laugh!! Best. Medicine. Ever!! ;-D
    When I was a girl growing up, my mind carried several ever-changing ambitions!! Pediatrician. Mother. Writer. Now an adult, I have achieved one out of three!! (Writer. My Blog does count!! I do not care what anybody says!!) ;-}
    Give her time. She will figure life out!! ;)
    Go Allie!! ;-D

    1. Yes your blog totally counts! As far as Allie figuring it out..Be afraid be very afraid :)

  2. This is the cutest thing ever! Love it!

  3. OMG I love this! She's got it all figured out. My favorite line was " I will have fun, be rich and my new husband worry about the math." Smart girl, Allie, smart girl. Always best to let the husband worry about the math. This is priceless, Kerri!

  4. I love her choices of Vet, OT, or Princess! Kayla always says she wants to be a princess when she grows up :)

  5. Hi, Kerri,
    I just gave you a Liebster Award. Because, well, you're awesome. Check it out here:
    - Kristi


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