Wednesday, January 23, 2013

I knew better

I knew better. I swear I did. I should have listened to my gut rather than my bank account. Boo was up all night. Runny nose, sure. But more importantly she was constipated (you can file that part of the story under TMI). 

I sent her to school anyway. Because I had to work. Because I, again, put work before her well-being. Of course, husband did too but I think he is exempt from that rule. She lasted 2 hours before the school called me. They know and understand her bowel issues. But this was different, they said. 

So I left work and picked her up. I walked into the crazy puppy had destroyed Allie's fairy house and peed the floor. Karma, bit my butt I guess. The rest of the day was spent in this position. The only position Boo could find comfort.

I'm thankful Boo doesn't hold a grudge. 


  1. Hope she feels better ASAP xx don't beat yourself up too much xx

  2. Kerri....
    FEEL BETTER SOON, Boo!! ;)

  3. Awww...I just saw this post. She's so adorable EEP. And 1-don't beat yourself up and 2-isn't it the best feeling in the world when they're sick and all they want to do is snuggle mommy? (until it gets old and you have to go to the bathroom or something, then it's a tiny bit annoying)


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