Friday, December 27, 2013

A year of thankful

I haven't played with Lizzi in a while. Not that I haven't been thankful, just been to busy to give Thanks. I am sure I'm not the only one! To suck up show how thankful I am here I am breaking the rules (go figure) and doing 12 things of thankful. One for every month of 2013 I survived. 

January, I was thankful for the Liebster award.

February, I was thankful for Abby's sense of humor and honest about who her favorite person is (hint, not me).

March, I was thankful for people understanding that the word Retard means something different to me now and joining me in abolishing the word.

April made me thankful for Jimmy Buffett as I realize he gives us the soundtrack for a laid back life. The sound track, not the manual.

May I was thankful to be able to tell people what drives me crazy.

June I was not thankful for yard work but happy to know I am not alone.

July I was thankful for all the ways my girls make me smile.

August I was thankful for husbands.

September I was thankful the girls were back in school. Also that boys are gross.

October I was thankful for Boo's therapists and friends that let me take the easy way out.

November I was just thankful for Boo.

December I am thankful that I have come a long way since January.

Ten Things of Thankful


  1. You might just be BRILLIANT! I love your thankfuls, and I LOVE this idea! Hmmmm....

    Watch this space for a link-up tomorrow....

  2. Love this idea and so have to agree with Lizzi on this. And also loved all your things that you were thankful for over the last year!! :)

  3. Love this idea! I might do such a post, too!

  4. Great idea to be thankful by month. I don't know if I can remember that far back!

  5. Here's hopin' you have lots more great things to thankful for in 2014! Especially the one about the boys! It'd be great if she thinks they're gross for a few more years!

  6. I'm thankful you finished the year with all of us. I like looking back over the year and seeing how far I've come too. Congrats on all your achievements. Happy 2013. Looking forward to 2014!


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