Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Uniterrupted sleep

I try not to vent about my husband here. First, the blog is supposed to be about Boo. Second, since he doesn't read the blog it doesn't seem fair to "out" him when he is being, well for lack of a better word, a man.

Lately Boo hasn't been sleeping.  She goes to sleep fine but at least 4 times a week she awakens screaming. Sometimes it is her belly, sometimes she is congested, sometimes she is upset and sometimes she just wants to be held. She lures you in, she will go 2-3 weeks of sleeping through the night and then surprise we have a week of sleeping issues. It is definitely a cycle. One I am unsure how to break. But what astounds me that Husband can sleep through Boo (or Allie for that matter) crying in the night.

And I know for a fact my husband is not the only parent who can sleep through their child screams. I have a close friend whose child had a double-ear infection, was in the bed with them screaming and her husband snored through the experience!

Last night Husband didn't wake up until I got back into the bed. No word of a lie, this was our conversation:
Him: Boo was crying?

Me: Yes.

Him: Did you check her diaper?
Me: Yes
Him: Well why was she crying?
Me: I have no idea.
Him: Oh, okay, night.

And he rolled over and went back to sleep! Yes, I am slightly jealous that one he can sleep through it and two that he can just roll right back over. Me? I was up for hours. And I am not the only one who goes through this, Boo's speech therapist (a brand new mom) was wondering how her husband can sleep through the newborns cries. I told her welcome to the mom club.

I know, not all men sleep through their child screaming at the top of their lungs. But those men are in a minority. I would also like to meet one of them!


  1. Just stopping by to see what was new! Enjoyed the read , thanks for stopping by.. http://www.specialneedsmom.com recently!
    haven't slept through the night in 10 years! I hear ya sister!

  2. Tomorrow it will be eight years since I slept thru! Actually maybe a few nights here and there. The three kids can be lying next to Daddy and crying and he sleeps beautifully! Very annoying indeed! Hope Boo settles well tonight xx

    1. Sadly I am glad you feel my aggravation!

  3. I'd like to meet one, too! When Tucker was little, I'd often fall asleep in the chair in his room with my neck bent forward, chin resting on chest, drooling on little guy. It was never Tucker's screams that woke up my husband. He claims (I say BS) that it was my snoring. From down the hall.
    They're amazing.
    Hope Boo's sleep schedule gets back to all night, every night, for weeks, again. Soon.

    1. I would definitely throw the BS flag

  4. Further proving my point, last night Allie came in because she had a bad dream. At 2am she crawled into bed. This morning when the alarm went off Husband asked, When did she get here?


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