Friday, October 26, 2012

It's scary what you can sign up for..

About four months ago one of Boo's aides asked me to sit in on a PTA meeting. Within the first 15 minutes I was voted in as the co-Secretary of the PTA for 2012-2013. And while I definetly got hoodwinked (2 hours a month, yeah right!), I am glad I stuck it out.

I have made friends with an amazing group of parents. For the first time I am involved with what Allie is doing at school. Due to work and Boo commitments, I can only volunteer for the evening events. To Allie's delight this has meant for the first time she has been able to enjoy Movie Night and Family Night at the Book Fair. And now she is over the moon for Boofest. 

Boofest is a Halloween celebration at her school, with carnival games and wait for it...a cake walk. So last night after work I made three dozen whoopee pies (okay almost 3 dozen, I had to test for quality) and a cake for the infamous cake walk. I am not crafy, in any way shape or form. But I do not think I will be embarrassing Allie tonight.

My humble attempt at a theme cake
So tonight Boo is going to her grandmothers. My husband and I are both attending Boofest. We will be combining volunteering and having our ear drums punished with watching Allie have the time of her life. Allie has already told me she is signing me up for the PTA for the REST OF HER LIFE.

I also see a glass of pinot grigio in my future. Maybe a vat. Do they still make vats? 

Happy Friday everyone!


  1. Hopping over from "love that Max" to say hi! We need this type of social activity and support. Sometimes between everything else we forget that yes, we can take a break and have FUN! :) ~ Jamie

  2. Forgot to say .... Boo is adorable! That little face made me smile. ~ Jamie


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