Thursday, March 20, 2014

Who invented the weekend?

Sunday cannot come quick enough. I know you are thinking Friday. Friday night is the time we wait to arrive. Some time ago, when we were once again late for school Abby had this idea about the weekend. That they just were not long enough. After spending most of my weekend cleaning, shopping, cooking and doing laundry I have a different opinion.

When I leave for work on Monday morning this is the view in my kitchen:

Yes, I have an old-fashioned popcorn machine. It's used almost daily for dinner.

This is how the kitchen looked last night. Yes, WEDNESDAY NIGHT. And yes, those are unused Valentines on my counter.  Don't judge.

How the hell is that possible? That in just three days my kitchen goes from Martha Stewart to kitchen of the depraved. I walked into the house tonight, shuddered and thought what kid of people live in this squalor? At least I have proof that the fruit was consumed.

So I cannot wait until Sunday morning. When I can walk into my kitchen and not shudder. 

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