Thursday, July 26, 2012

Boo made a friend!

Today I am amazed. Simply amazed. I brought Boo to school and she went right up to  a little girl, called her by her name (Boo's version anyway) and they hugged.

It was an awesome sight. Boo interracting with another child. Even more awesome, this little girl hugged Boo right back.

Then Boo called one of the teacher's by name (again, her version but definitely the person's name) as she passed by. (to be honest, I don't even know the woman's name!). She then saw another teacher and clearly said her name (this one I knew!).

The utter joy in Boo's voice and expression was worth all the worry about this new school program.

There was month's of anxiety leading up to the new school program. Originally the public school put Boo into an integrated preschool feeling that is all she needed. No one listened to us about her needs, etc... They would not give her an aide and did not start her therapies as directed. Thankfully the teacher in the program is simply awesome and took care of the aide herself and helped us advocate for the services Boo deserved.

In the Spring the teacher recommended a new program, a half-day in the preschool and a half-day with discrete (1:1) program that is dedicated to children with special needs. Those with CP, Downs, autism, undiagnosed like Boo. Okay, she is the only one "undiagnosed" but still the program seemed ideal.

Except I was beyond worried. I was afraid she would regress, that we wouldn't have the communication we had when Boo was in Montessori.  You name it, I worried about it.

The first week was tough. It didn't help that they forgot to feed her the first day.

The second week was less scary. It didn't help that they lost her for a little bit.

The third week was without mishap so our fears were slightly less.

The fourth week, Boo met a friend and knew a teacher's name.

The fourth week ROCKS!


  1. Beautiful post! I found your blog via Ellen and your little Boo is amazing! Love love love this post xx

  2. Thank you (and thanks to Ellen!). Yes, Boo amazes me every day!

  3. Every time I pop in for a visit I am amazed by Boo's amazing smile and dimples!

  4. Isn't it amazing how much we, the parents feel when we know our kids are happy?! I'm so glad that the new program is a success! I found you at the Love That Max Special Needs Link up! It's nice to meet you! I am # 28 on the list. I invite you to check it out!

  5. This post made me tear up! I realize you wrote it a while back, but am sure you are still happy about it :)

    1. Thanks....I really am! I love it every morning when I see her interacting with some of the children

  6. Starting a new preschool is agonizing for parents of typically developing kids. I would imagine it is more so for you. I'm glad this one has worked out so far!

  7. Well done you! Letting them grow up is the hardest thing.

  8. Aww so sweet, you must be proud. Thanks for hooking up to the Hump Day Hook Up


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